1. Pareto's garden Sabina Donnelly 21-Apr-2014
  2. Moon ember pike bulrush Sabina Donnelly 13-Oct-2013
  3. Laws Sabina Donnelly 02-Aug-2013
  4. Ota Sabina Donnelly 18-Feb-2013
  5. Polaroids Sabina Donnelly 03-Aug-2012
  6. Narrative State Sabina Donnelly 30-May-2012
  7. Untitled Sabina Donnelly 26-May-2012
  8. Desire Line Gary Carruthers 29-Oct-2011
  9. Tattoo Gary Carruthers 04-Oct-2011
  10. Warp and weft Gary Carruthers 03-Oct-2011
  11. Milk Sabina Donnelly 02-Oct-2011
  12. Notes on trembling Gary Carruthers 02-Oct-2011
  13. Anchors Gary Carruthers 01-Oct-2011
  14. Jets Gary Carruthers 28-Sep-2011
  15. Conditions for a Tiao Wu Gary Carruthers 27-Sep-2011
  16. In syncope Gary Carruthers 26-Sep-2011
  17. Metre Gary Carruthers 20-Sep-2011
  18. Tropicalisation Gary Carruthers 18-Sep-2011
  19. Through repetition the magic will be forced to rise Gary Carruthers 12-Sep-2011
  20. The Albert Memorial Gary Carruthers 05-Sep-2011
  21. Winter and summer at the same time Gary Carruthers 01-Sep-2011


Gary Carruthers - Sunday, September 18, 2011

Performance with eleven dancers and two musicians, Through the wall


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